• Project Name: Jeddah Fountain; O&M​
  • Project Title: Design, engineering, procurement, construction, and O&M of the Jeddah Fountain​
  • Client: Ministry of Finance​
  • Shedule: 1985-2019
  • Water Jet Height: 312 meters
  • Water Source: Seawater
  • Pumps Power: 3X3,150 kw​
  • Speed at Nozzle: 375 km/hr​
  • Volume of Water: 1,250 lt/sec​
  • Scope of Work: Jeddah Fountain causeway, ​ Nozzle Island and lighting Platforms, ​ Pump house and control room, ​ Platform Islands and Seawater intake tanks.​
Pump House below sea level​
Causeway at sea level​
JF Water Jet​