• Project Name: Expansion of Water Treatment Facilities , Al-Khafji
  • Project Title: Expansion of Water Treatment Facilities, Phase II
  • Location: Al-Khafji
  • Capacity: 21,800m3/day
  • Technology: Conventional
  • Scope of Work: Engineering, procurement and construction of facilities required to treat 4,000GPM of industrial wastewater and ancillary oil recovery facilities. Reclaim pit and related equipment including: 10 transfer pumps (capacity varies between 500-1,000GPM each); Corrugated Plate Interceptor (CPI) basins; sludge removal consisting of 16 cells (250GPM per cell); five CPI effluent pumps (1,000GPM capacity each); installation of eight hydrocyclones (500GPM each); two effluent water storage tanks (5,410m3 storage each); two multistage injection pumps (1,000GPM each, 1,000psi).
  • SETE’s Role: Engineering, procurement, construction and project management.
CPI effluent pumps
Corrugated  Plate Interceptor basin
Oily water declaimer pit